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The Student Leadership team were extremely impressed...

The Student Leadership team were extremely impressed with Ms. Moriarty and the direction she is planning to take The Academy. After asking her numerous questions of her procedures and ideas for The Academy, it is clear that Ms. Moriarty is enthusiastic, determined and excited about the future. As current students of The Academy, it is exciting to see someone who is motivated and ready to pursue innovative methods for improving The Academy. Ms. Moriarty has a vast amount of experience, which really impressed the team; her experiences have convinced us that she is the most capable person for the role. The professionalism she exudes is refreshing, and the Student Leadership Team are very excited to see this in action.

The Student Leadership Team believe that Ms. Moriarty is the perfect definition of what a principal should be; her fervour, motivation and innovation will distinguish her as a fantastic leader. She has a clear plan of action, and on hearing some of her strategies she wishes to implement, the Student Leadership have no doubt of how great Ms. Moriarty will be. A main source of worry for the Student Leadership team was the behaviour of some students, and the subsequent disruption of lessons; Ms. Moriarty ensured that we should worry no more, her simple but effective answer to the problem demonstrated the remarkable leadership skills that Ms. Moriarty possess. With this reassurance in mind, The Harefield Academy’s future certainly seems bright in the hands of Ms. Moriarty.

Evan Clancy – Head Boy