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THA Extended Project Qualification Presentations at Merchant Taylors' School

On Wednesday 16th March the Year 13 Extended Project group made their way to Merchant Taylors' School to present alongside their Year 13 EP students. The night was a stunning collaboration between both schools and invited guests were able to hear a range of diverse presentations. The topics explored included   “Will autonomous road vehicles be beneficial to society?”, “To what extent is the ‘American Dream’ achievable for African Americans in the USA?” and “Will artificial intelligence supersede human intelligence in the next 100 years?” The evening took place in The Great Hall a wonderful space befitting of the exceptional quality of the range of projects explored and presented.

The Harefield Academy students performed with huge professionalism and confidence. The sheer scale of the research undertaken and the depth of knowledge that they had secured on their journey was clear to see. Their project titles and a brief synopsis can be seen listed below:

To what extent have specific acts of terrrorism in modern history (2001-present) impacted on  the Domestic Laws of the UK - by Evan Clancy

The domestic law of the UK has increasingly adapted and evolved to encounter these specific acts of terrorism; the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the 7/7 London bombings in 2005, and more recently the widespread growth of the Islamic State. All three events have culminated in the changes or additions of laws within the UK. I believe that these particular laws are introduced, either to justify the UK’s actions or to enhance the ability of the UK to perform certain roles such as the ability to control suspected terrorists from returning to the UK from Syria. Laws have become more politically sensitive with potential global ramifications, and the use of violence against terrorists, or the use of privacy laws to monitor people’s conversations for any malicious material has become an increasingly delicate subject. Consequently, I strive to discover the extent of the change in laws, and the specific area of law that has been affected the most by these acts of terrorism.

To what extent has globalisation affected less economically developed countries within the last five years? - by Ciarán Reilly

Globalisation on the whole is one of the single most important aspects of the business world, connecting countries together and universally linking organisations with each other, with the hope of generating a surplus. Through this report I have critically analysed the ways in which globalisation has continued to affect less economically developed countries such as Uganda, Bangladesh and Samoa, either through benefitting the country in general, or leaving a negative impact. I have delved into the current economic climate and looked at reasoning as to why it is in the current state it is and how it got there, which is undoubtably a motive for globalisation. Within the last five years the world economy has been an uphill climb, desperately trying to escape the shadows of the global recession of 2008. Without a doubt this had an huge effect on the business world and global trading, resulting in an all-time loss, especially when regarding globalisation and trading across the World. Throughout the course of this report, I have analysed the effects of Globalisation and whether its impact really has had an impact upon third world countries.

Would Victory for the Axis at the Battle of the Bulge Changed the Outcome of War on the Western Front? - by Ciaran Miles

December the 16th: It 5:00 am, and under the cover of darkness an attacking force of two hundred and fifty thousand troops of the Third Reich’s Wehrmacht and Waffen SS have crept into position near the weakest point of the American line situated in the heart of the Ardennes. With them is a vast 5 Divisions of Hitler’s’ tank corps, and by dawn the engines have turned over and this force has bludgeoned the line breaking through with a fair amount of ease hoping that soon they will all have reached their specific objects and successfully halted the inevitable onslaught into the Fatherland. However, in a mere 8 days the tanks of the SS Panzer divisions and the accompanying infantry will be halted. But what if they were not halted? What if the Nazi’s managed to advance to the allied fuel dumps? I have analysed in depth the Battle of the Bulge and discovered what might have happened had the battle swung in favour of the Nazi’s.

 “Analyse who suffers more economically from cyber warfare in the UK and USA. The government or business.” by Tom Moses

Over the last few years, the world of cyberspace has increased dramatically and become an integral part of people’s lives around the world. Since the introduction of the computer back in the 1980’s, this technology has become so consuming it influences people economically, socially, politically and even environmentally. Throughout the project, a detailed analysis has taken place by myself which has included websites, books, videos and podcasts. By developing my understanding of the exact nature of cyber warfare from a wide range of sources and analytically interpreting the data critically, I have been able to make an overall judgement and opinion on this matter. Throughout my research, I have found this topic fascinating and the answer to the question was unexpected when compared to my original ideas.

To What Extent Is Quantum Teleportation Feasible and How Might It Be Implented? - by Rohith Unnikrishnan

Teleportation is something millions of people, from the avid 10 year old to the eldest film directors, have been captivated by. The idea of vanishing from point A and reappearing at point B in nanoseconds infatuates even the most sceptic of us all. I am one of the many millions who has been captivated by this technology and its potential uses. I have chosen to base my project on this topic as a result of my deep interest in physics. One of the many reasons I chose to undertake the Extended Project was because the idea of completing a research project hugely appealed to me and it has meant that I can apply my love of physics to a practical research context. In this report I will have explained the fundamentals of Quantum Teleportation and synthesising this understanding with current research projects that are currently being undertaken. I have explored the potential uses of this technology and finally analyse if these potential uses are feasible.