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Raising money for Sport Relief at THA

The PE department hosted a week long event to raise money for Sports Relief. It started with Years 7-10 in competition which each other during the running and cycling challenge. Each year group had an entire school day to run and cycle as many kilometres as possible. Students signed up for a 10-15 minute slot to contribute to the total mileage and received sponsorship for completing it.

The results were as follows:

Congratulations to Year 7 who put in a tremendous effort to cover 164.86 km.

A group of Sixth Form students from the extended diploma class organised their own triathlon challenge on the Friday. They had to run, cycle and swim the distance of a triathlon each. They used our temporary pool to complete the swimming section of the triathlon and seemed to really enjoy the challenge.

There was also a whole school non-uniform day on Friday where students and staff were asked to contribute £1.

Over the week’s events we have managed to raise approximately £1000 with sponsorship money still being brought in.

Well done to everyone that got involved and for your generous donations.

Lloyd Littlewood, Director of Sport

Sarah Leonard, Head of PE