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The event was arranged by our Year 13 Philosophy & Ethics class

There are many different faiths around the UK, and it is important that we educate young people about them. This is why we organised an “Interfaith Day” for the Year 13 students at The Harefield Academy. The event was arranged by our Year 13 Philosophy and Ethics class who all enjoyed educating others for the day in their own student-led sessions.

The day involved learning about the acceptance of people’s faiths and what can be viewed as offensive. We took part in debates about statements that can be viewed as controversial. We also gathered a wide range of traditional foods from around the world so the students were able to explore global cuisines. The students who took part said that they really enjoyed the day and they felt they had learnt something new from the experience. They found their minds were opened up to become more tolerant and aware of other faiths and cultures. As this was such a successful afternoon we are planning on organising other events like this in the future to educate and open up young people’s minds to the variety of religions, cultures and faiths which are within the UK. Please can we say a big thank you to all the staff and students who led and participated in the event, but especially to our Year 13 Philosophy & Ethics Class who led the day!

Kimberley Arnold & Libby Derrick (Year 13 Students)