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Visit by Army Personal Training Instructors

We were recently offered the exciting opportunity of having some Army Personal Training Instructors visit The Academy and work with a bespoke selection of Sixth Form students on Tuesday 10th May. This was a unique opportunity to put our Sixth Formers through their physical paces and to open their eyes to the number of career opportunities that are available in the armed forces; for example, the modern British Army offers careers in over 140 areas, from Engineers to Military Police, Drivers to Ammunition Technicians, Mental Health Nurses to Musicians. The day began with a talk about the apprenticeships on offer and the careers that the Armed Forces could provide. It also gave the students an opportunity to speak to soldiers and officers, who were more than happy to discuss their experiences with the students.

The second half of the day was held in the Dry Training Facility and consisted of all the students taking part in an inflatable assault course that was over 100 feet long (see photo below). The students were given their own warm up and cool down session led by the Physical Training Instructor. They were then divided into teams to compete against each other on the assault course following a demonstration from the Instructors themselves. We were told that (normally) students are allowed to complete the course twice, but as we are a sports-specialist our students were allowed to complete the course three times. Most of our students were up to the challenge!


We hoped that the event will help to motivate and improve the confidence of students, develop leadership and communication skills, promote team bonding and also test their endurance and sense of competitiveness. We also hope that this event will inspire students to achieve their target grade in the summer.