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Humanities students in Berlin

From Dictatorship to Democracy – Harefield Visit Berlin

The Humanities department recently took 34 students from Years 9 and 10 to Berlin, the capital of Germany. The focus of the trip was to give students a greater understanding of the history of Germany and how it has moved from one of the most infamous dictatorship in history, to one the most enlightened democracies of the 21st century.

Students visited the Berlin Wall which for almost half a century physically divided Berlin, but symbolically divided the world. As well as this the students visited WW2 underground bunkers, the Reichstag parliament building, the Jewish Museum and Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Both the staff and the students found all the sites really interesting and of use with whichever GCSE humanities subject they were taking. With the sun beating down the students also had some free time in the city, to explore German culture and enjoy some independence.

The trip was a real success and the Humanities Department look forward to planning and leading more in the future.

Sonia Bouri (Humanities teacher and Co-ordinator of Sociology)