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The Harefield Academy is beginning fundraising for the 'Youth Teenage Cancer Trust'...

The Harefield Academy is beginning fundraising for the ‘Youth Teenage Cancer Trust’. We are beginning our fundraising through non-school uniform days and fun days within The Academy.  We, as a community and school, will be coming together to produce the fundraising money and great excellence for such a strong reason, cancer is a disease in desperate need of fundraising and Teenage Cancer Trust is a huge organisation. Here at The Academy we are looking forward to fundraising through school activities such as, throw the sponge at the Sixth Form also teachers’ events and sporty fundraisers. We plan to target an overall £2,000. The Academy is currently just over half way and we are striving to reach our goal before the end of the academic year! We also will do events with our community, we plan to involve the elderly companions of Harefield village and the town as a whole, they also I’m sure, would love to contribute and The Academy is definitely willing to share the fundraising activities with these wonderful people.

The Teenage Cancer Trust is not the only fundraising we will be doing, also we would like to help out the Royal Brompton and The Michael Sobell  Foundation, also The Academy wants to help them look on in their futures. The bake sale that The Academy will be doing shortly will be an open cake bake for a cake bake table for anyone to bake and sell a cake; The Academy also wants to do school non-uniform days to also support with the fundraising. We hope you as a community and those reading this will want to join our journey and keep The Academy fundraising for these amazing foundations, it will be greatly appreciated and the cakes will be welcome! We look forward to helping all these people in need. Thank you. Written by Nathan Bishop Year 10 Lewis House.