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Sixth Form students with Miss Denham

The Sixth Form Inter-faith Event

The Sixth Form held their annual Inter-faith event for all Year 13 students on Monday 24th April, so that they could learn more about our intrinsic British Values and explore what it is – to be British. The students worked together in an interfaith workshop, to see Britain in its true multicultural form and understand our common identity. The event also covered a large part of our SMSC within The Academy.  The Sixth Form team have been tasked with developing the Sixth Form students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development as part of their studies here.

Each student participated in workshops on the dangers of radicalisation, democracy, British Values and human rights. Each workshop was designed to challenge the students in what they believe and how to take a more empowered approach to being a young citizen of the UK. As many of our Year 13s are turning 18 in the next few weeks or have already; this summer will be their first chance at voting in a general election. Students were supported to think about the matters that were important to them and were encouraged to take a quiz which helped them to see which political parties’ policies they had more affiliation with. The results were surprising for many of them and gave the students some cause to think about who they vote for in June.