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The Harefield Academy students, parents and staff were delighted this morning to receive the news that we had received our best results ever!

Principal, Mark Poulter said: “Fantastic set of results. Credit to both staff and students. All the hard work has paid off. The post 16 and GCSE results are the best in The Academy’s history.

Year 11 student Evan Clancy received 12A*-A passes which includes 10A* and said that he was elated and the hard work was worth it.

Other local students, Aideen and Diane McHugh received 12A*-A and 11A*-A passes respectively: “It’s been fun!” Diane said.
On reading his results with his mother and father, Rohith Unnikrishnan said: “My results were better than I expected – I’m ecstatic!” Rohith received 12A*-A passes.
Other comments from our students included, Michael Farr “Exceptionally pleased – I didn’t think I would do as well as that! Tom Moses said: “Great! I’ve got results that I wasn’t expecting! It shows you that hard work pays off in the end. Ciaran Miles said that he was very proud of his “amazing” results. Marcelina Trabszo and Samuel Mendham were both “very happy” with their results and Brett Moore said: “I’m overwhelmed and I have exceeded my own expectations!”
Liam King absolutely beaming with delight with his 9A*-A passes simply said: Dedication + hard work = results! Now there’s a mathematical equation we are not going to argue with.