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Thriving in a changing world...

Steve Gardner, our Director of Boarding, spoke about state boarding at a boarding conference recently. In partnership with the BSA (Boarding Schools’ Association), ‘Thriving in a Changing World’ was an innovative conference that also involved students, held at prestigious Bedales School.

Steve responded to questions from TES Commissioning Editor, Jon Severs, which focused largely on the differences and similarities between the state and independent boarding sector.

Speaking in-depth about The Harefield Academy, Steve intrigued audiences with insight into our unique and forward-thinking ethos. ‘Banging the State Boarding Drum’, Steve passionately portrayed his belief that boarding offers the best form of education and that parents are rightly, more and more, choosing state boarding schools for their children. He also combatted several of the myths associated with state boarding and revealed the most revealing of statistics from a recent parent survey: over 80% of parents that send their children to board at a state school do so because of the high quality education they receive. 

Earlier in the day, Robin Fletcher, the BSA National Director, stated that boarding schools should become more international, to ensure an even richer diversity. He added that schools should have a commitment to saving more funds to put towards scholarships, ensuring that boarding becomes more readily available to those in need of the stability and security that it provides.

Steve ended the conference insisting that the state sector is a viable competitor to the independent market and that boarding provisions like Lord Adonis House offer an absolute bargain for parents looking for an all-round outstanding boarding experience.

Why pay £30,000 when you can pay £11,000?