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In recognition of the fact that it has been 70 years since VE day...

In recognition of the fact that it has been 70 years since VE day and also that we want to promote Britishness and British Values the plan was for Navratilova House to run a project based week that was focussed both on our proud history whilst also seeking to emulate those traditions today.

The week began with a series of sessions based on developing a knowledge of what it is to be a British citizen as well as to understand the significance of VE day. The students were asked to write a Postcard from the past where they had to imagine that they were from the first VE day and telling people what their experiences of the war and the celebrations have been. Later on in the afternoon we undertook a finance session where, like during WWII, we learnt all about the importance of budgeting and saving money. In 2015 we understand now how important it is to spend wisely and invest our money.

We will then looked at specific links that Harefield has with the Great Wars and two field activities were planned. The first was a treasure hunt activity around the Village and the second was a trip to the Anzac graves. Our students as always represented both Navratilova House and The Harefield Academy beautifully. So moved were the students by the Memorial that they politely asked if they could pick fresh poppies and place them on the Graves as a sign of their respect and reverence. Other visitors to the Graves were more than a little impressed by this thoughtful gesture – as were the staff present.

Our Wednesday we visited the Imperial War Museum where we learnt all about the immense sacrifices that our Armed Forces have made and continue to make to secure our liberty and freedom. This trip was a poignant application of the classroom based learning activities we had undertaken earlier in the week. We were humbled by the sheer number of people made homeless during the Blitz in WWII and we saw how people had to budget and ration their food and clothing. The behaviour of the students as expected was exemplary and The Harefield Academy was represented so well.

On our return from the day trip, we condensed all our acquired knowledge of VE day and the various celebrations and we planned and delivered a VE Day Themed Picnic which was held on the Sports Field. Each Year Group planned and made their own sweet treat. Year 7 made Rock Buns, Year 8 made Oaties and Year 9 made Anzac Biscuits. Each recipe was based on a 1940s recipe.

All in all, the week was a wonderful celebration of Britishness and developed our understanding of being a citizen both in our own country and also our role as global citizens. The activities and the students’ engagement with them demonstrated once and for all why we are so proud to be 'Team Nav'. In addition to the dedication of the students, the staff worked tirelessly to ensure that all of the students engaged and enjoyed their week.