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...what a wonderful experience

At the end of a busy and fun packed two week Summer Camp I now have time to sit back and reflect on what a wonderful experience it has been for all involved.

Summer Camp 2015 has consisted of innovative Numeracy and Literacy lessons, Waffle Making, Sport (of too many varieties to mention), Mug Decoration, Treasure Hunt, Team building and oh the small matter of a visit to Thorpe Park! All of this we managed to cram into two weeks.

The purpose of a Summer Camp is to ensure that our incoming Year 7 students have the opportunity to get to know one another, get to meet staff and most importantly get to have fun and this is precisely what has been achieved. We also managed to cram in lots of innovate Numeracy and Literacy sessions that engaged all of the students. Some of the comments made by the students who attended the Camp include, “This Summer Camp has helped me because a couple of weeks ago I was really nervous about starting THA, now I can’t wait to start in September" and “I have met new friends and learnt my way around The Academy”

We concluded our two week adventure with a Celebration Event held in The Theatre where we celebrated our many successes. It was wonderful to see so many parents who gave up their time to attend and support the students.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of working on the Summer Camp has been to see how the Student Leadership Team, consisting of students from Year 8 up to Year 13 have supported the whole process. From planning team building sessions to delivering them here at Camp; to being a friendly face and support network for anyone who needs it - their input has been invaluable. These students have given up their summer holiday to support The Harefield Academy and provide an invaluable service. I am immensely grateful and hugely humbled to work with such delightful students.

Now as I look back over the Summer Camp I feel proud of what Team Summer Camp 2015 has achieved. It was so nice today (first day of the new year) seeing the familiar faces come striding in through the front doors of the school brimming with happiness and confidence. This is just the beginning of a very special journey and I am so excited to see where it leads. Mrs Davey, Assistant Principal