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Students on ski trip 2016!

Ski Trip 2016, Maria Alm, Austria

We departed on time Friday 25th March, with 39 very excited students, all wearing their Ski Trip 2016 Hoodies.  The journey was long, but we arrived safe and sound in Maria Alm on Saturday 26th March. Before we could check-in to the hotel we had our ski fitting, so everyone was ready for a week filled with skiing!

Our hotel was situated 1000m up the side of the mountain, with a 20m ski away from the chair lift that could take the staff and students to the peak of Aberg-Langeck at 1900m.  

During the first morning of skiing, the students’ abilities were assessed by the ski instructors; they were put into groups and off they went. Sunday evening activity was ‘bowling’ and the students really enjoyed themselves at an interesting bowling alley.

The following day, we had another great day of skiing, the top group managed to get down a black slope, very impressive for day 2. All of the other groups managed to go down the blue slope that started at the very top of the mountain. Everyone was making outstanding progress with their skiing, from what we had witnessed from our skiing lesson from Hemel.

On Monday evening, we continued a ski trip tradition of playing ‘Snow rounders with a cricket bat’, most of the students participated in this enjoyable and competitive game, which ended in a tie!

Over the next few days the skiing from all the students and some staff improved dramatically, with 3 out of the 4 groups going down Black Runs by the end of the week.  Everyone enjoy the ‘Funslope’, ‘Kickers’ & Jumps, to see who got the biggest air and who had the best falls.

During the evenings/afternoons off from skiing we had a variety of different activities planned from an Easter Egg Hunt to an afternoon walk around the Lake Town of Zell am See and finishing off the week with the ‘Paper Plate Awards’.    

On the final day of skiing, we took it nice and easy, everyone was able to show off their skills on the final run of the day, before getting ready for our long journey home.

I must say that the students were brilliant on the trip and really grew as young responsible people, this was exemplified by our three Year 11 students, Sam Perrett, Nathan Bishop and Georgia Baker, going ‘Above & Beyond’ helping out the members of staff and for this we are all truly thankful. It was my pleasure to have organised such a successful trip and I look forward to the next one (possibly 2018). I would like to also thank the staff members that gave up their holiday to join us on the trip, without their contribution and support the trip would not have been as successful. Thank you to all.

Mr Ball, PE Teacher