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Daniella Alessi is crowned British Ice Dance Champion 2016.

On Saturday 25th June 2016 in Sheffield Sixth Form student Daniella Alessi competed in the British Championships for Ice Dance.

Daniella's results this season have been impressive and she was certainly in form coming into the finals however it as a big jump to the senior catagory.

Not a problem for Daniella who not only won the event but broke a record by scoring the highest recorded score ever in solo dance by a female skater in the UK under the IJS system!! Amazing!

She scored: Short Dance 48.55 Free Dance 74.83. This gave her a total score of 123.38, winning by a margin of 12.79 points.

After the short dance she was in the lead by only 2.25 so it was nail biting stuff in the free dance. Daniella drew last to skate and had to wait for her 2nd place opponent Annika Maczka to skate first, achieving a top score of 64.29 Daniella needed a score of 64.20 to win.

She skated completely clean and achieved 74.83, scoring TOP MARKS for all LEVELS for all elements, also outstanding marks for presentation, performance and linking footwork and choreography of the programme.

A huge congratulations to Daniella from all the staff at The Harefield Academy.

Competitions won this season:

Bracknell - short dance 1st place, free dance 1st place

Murrayfield  - short dance 1st place, free dance 1st place

Slough - short dance 1st place, free dance 1st place

Streatham - short dance 1st place, free dance 1st place