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Sameenah with her boxing coaches in Sheffield EIS.

Congratulations to Sameenah Toussaint who is now English Schools Boxing Champion in the 46kg weight catagory and in the A band.

This is an amazing achievement and shows the huge potential that Sameenah has within the sport of Boxing. She trains 5 times and week and will soon be perfoming live on TV!

Her prize was not a medal or a trophy but a pair of GOLD boxing gloves. Well done Sameenah and good luck for your future fights.


Sameenah has written a report on the event which can be found below:

England Boxing Schools 2015

On Saturday 30th May I competed in the national boxing championships 2015 in Sheffield for the title of England School Girl (national champion). My category was under 46kg class A.

I had previously lost the London Schools against Brook Eaton, a girl who fought out of Five Stars ABC (Amateur Boxing Club).  This loss meant that I was out of the championships. I was pretty gutted but later on my coach fortunately received a call from the organisers of the Schools to say that me and Eaton were the only two in the category who signed up. This meant that I was back in the game. I was really happy with the news because I knew I could beat her. I lost the last fight due to nerves. From that day forward, I trained my hardest to keep in shape and so I could win the fight of my life.

On the day before the fight, my parents, brother and I travelled up to Sheffield. We dropped my brother off at the train station in Sheffield. They were going to watch my fight the following day.

I didn’t get a good night sleep as the beds weren’t comfortable and the windows let in a lot of noise.

On the day my dad woke me up really early so I could train before I got there. He took me to the park so I could go for a jog and train for the bout. By the time I got back to the hotel, I was excited to fight Brook. Then we got ready and packed our bags.

The venue was only a couple minutes away from the hotel. It was massive! It’s where all the GB boxers train. It was an honour to be there. After I weighed in, I had some breakfast and relaxed until nearer the fight. I had to have breakfast after the weigh-ins because I was close to the weight limit and didn’t want to go over. If I was over 46kg, I wouldn’t have been able to fight and she would have won.

Because I was fighting, I was allowed to go into the hall where I was boxing before others. My parents had to cue up with all the other spectators. I found a good space to sit where I had a clear view of the ring. I saved some seats for my family. After a short while my parents sat next to me. The awkward thing was that Brook Eaton and her family sat directly in front of us. Which meant my dad couldn’t really discuss any strategies with me in case they heard.

I looked around the sports centre. There was a giant indoor athletics track, swimming pool, badminton courts and much more! I got to see where people like Nicola Adams trains. It was an experience I will never forget.

My fight was coming up soon. That’s when my brother arrived, with his girlfriend and kids. It was nice to know that I had a lot of support with me. My brother gave me great advice. After that, I had to change into my boxing outfit.

I started warming up and training with my coaches, Pat and Alf. They told me exactly what to do and when to do it. They wanted me to do Northolt ABC proud (my club). This was the part where I started to get a little nervous and anxious. I guess I realised that it is “really happening”, that I was this close to the biggest fight of my life. I just wanted to get it over and done with.

It was time. As soon as the bell rang, I went in first and punched her hard and fast. She was on the defensive side. Last time I fought her all she did was just rush in with her head down, but that weren’t the case this time. She was hardly attacking. I felt that I won that round with ease.

We both caught each other with a few good blows to the head in the second round of the fight. However, I could see that she was out of breath and her body was exposed. This gave me the chance to punch her in the stomach. Most of them connected and slightly winded her. She was very puffed out by this time. I went in strong and managed to knock her head back a few times.  That was the end of the second round.

The third round was the toughest. I started to get a bit tired and my punches weren’t as strong. But I gave it all I got and hoped for the best. I worked the body shots again because I knew they affected her. She started to brawl a bit and got me on the ropes but I swiftly rolled out the way and got her right where I wanted her. She started to defend as I ferociously hit her with a combination of jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks. Then I heard the final bell and I let out a sigh of relief. I tried my hardest and that’s all that matters.

A man announced the scores from the three judges, they were: 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28. He then said who won. I was anxious to know. I had my fingers crossed because I thought I had done enough. When I heard the words “The winner… In the blue corner, Sameenah Toussaint!” I jumped for joy with happiness and relief. I couldn’t believe that I was officially the best boxer in England!

By Sameenah Toussaint


I have a fight coming up on Saturday 6th June 2015 where I will be representing London and will be fighting a girl from Portsmouth. It is being broadcasted by London Live, so you can watch my fight on TV from 2pm.