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Javier is a Year 10 boarder from Madrid. He is an active member of our community and takes full advantage of both his education and the enriching opportunities available to him in Lord Adonis House. 

07:30 I get woken up by a Houseparent and begin getting ready for school.

08:00 I go down for breakfast and help myself to cereals and toast.

08:15 Back up to my room, check I have everything for school and get my bag.

08:30 Time to leave for school. The Houseparents sign me out, check my uniform and off I go to school (a thirty second commute).

08:45 - 15:00 Lessons at The Academy.

15:00 Back to boarding to unwind and sort myself out.

17:00 Study time

18:15 Dinner with my corridor and Houseparent.

19:00 Boarding activities.

21:15 Up to my room to get showered and ready for bed.

22:00 A Houseparent checks my room and turns my lights out. What a great day!