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Any student nominated for Sixth Form Student of the Week will have their name put on both the website and on the THA Twitter account. They will also receive 10 achievement points.


Week beginning the 4th September - Mark Gibson, Jasmine Loh, Eliz Maloney, Grayce-Paige Pereira, Panagiota Spyrou and Lucy Wood for attaining the highest achievement grades across the Year 12 end of year exams.

Week beginning the 11th September - Roan Cooper for achieving a Grade 9 and an AS-level in Maths. Harry Ellis for achieving a Grade 9 in GCSE English. Amber Harvey & Jessica Keys for achieving a Grade 9 in GCSE Maths.

Week beginning the 18th September - Liam Styles for ‘his natural aptitude and enthusiasm for Maths tutoring. He is an excellent role model for the younger students.’

Week beginning the 25th September - Nisreen Adan was chosen for ‘her fantastic start to the Sixth Form at THA. Nisreen has settled in so well to both the Sixth Form and her A-level subjects. She has also been praised by her teachers for approaching her A-levels with a sensible head and a strong work ethic.’

Week beginning the 2nd October - Annie Manners was chosen for ‘her fantastic work and enthusiasm working with the younger students on their paired reading. The dedication and care she showed each student was lovely.’

Week beginning the 9th October - William Moroney was chosen for ‘the overwhelming number of members of staff, who have mentioned William by name when conducting Sixth Form Learning Walks focusing on the student’s ability to self-organise last week. William’s organisational skills and dedication to his studies has resulted in him creating exemplar folders in every subject he studies. He is already creating revision notes for all of his subjects. He is setting a very high example to his peers.’

Week beginning the 16th October - Tia Webber was chosen for her ‘amazing attitude to learning and very high aspirations.’

Week beginning the 30th October - Hannah Wood was chosen for ‘volunteering during her own time to work with Year 8 students on their ‘Of Mice and Men’ work to help out during a cover lesson.’

Week beginning the 6th November - Kane Gleeson and Jordan Spencer were chosen for their  ‘incredible support of the Sixth Form and enthusiasm during the school review.’ Matthew Smith was chosen for his, ‘brilliant timed essay response.’ Katie Fox was chosen for her ‘some fantastic analytical remarks in class discussions.’

Week beginning the 13th November - Katie Fox was chosen for her, ‘incredible work ethic and higher order thinking.’

Week beginning the 20th November - Kia Antoine, Katie Fox, Jessica Keys, Elly-Mae McCallum, Matt Smith and Tia Webber were chosen for, ‘organising and delivering a fantastic fundraising talent show for Children in Need.’

Week beginning the 27th November - Cai Antoine was chosen for, ‘his attitude to learning and resilience.’

Week beginning the 4th December - Matthew Smith was chosen for, ‘being instrumental in helping to organise and run the Senior Residents’ Christmas Party this year.’

Week beginning the 11th December - Robert Hughes was chosen for, ‘hosting an entire table on his own at the Senior Residents’ Christmas Party so professionally.’

Week beginning the 1st January - Roshan Unnikrishnan was chosen for his, ‘commitment to teaching younger peers on a one-to-one basis with such skill and good judgement; his conscientiousness shines through consistently.’

Week beginning the 8th January - Aleksandra Topalovic was chosen for ‘winning three Grade 3 Tennis Tournaments and winning her national’s event in December.’

Week beginning the 15th January - Congratulations to all our Sixth Form students who celebrated such fantastic exam results this month!

Week beginning the 22nd January - Liam Styles was chosen for, ‘being a great supportive friend when his peer was upset last week; he took care of her exceptionally well.’

Week beginning the 29th January - Cai Antoine was chosen for his, ‘excellent mock examination results.’

Week beginning the 5th February -  All of our wonderful Year 12 students are nominated this week for their courage and resolve at such a difficult time.

Week beginning the 19th February - Hannah Wood was chosen for, ‘acting on her mock exam feedback to improve essay writing skills and analysis.’

Week beginning the 26th February - Roshan Unnikrishnan was chosen for his, ‘success at applying for entry schemes to PwC and Goldman Sachs.’

Week beginning the 5th March - Riya Kapoor, Connor Lowden and Matt Smith were chosen for, 'performing so brilliantly and bravely last week!'

Week beginning the 12th March - Elly-Mae McCallum was chosen for ‘throwing herself into applying for high quality work experience placements.’


Week beginning the 19th March - Riya Kapoor  was chosen for,  ‘stepping outside of her comfort zone.’


Week beginning the 26th March - Sophie Murray was chosen for,  ‘being a consistently exceptional role model to the other Sixth Formers and the younger students; Sophie is elegance personified.’


Week beginning the 16th April - Roan Cooper was chosen for, ‘being awarded top of the Maths stream at the Futures Easter Residential School at Balliol College, Oxford.’


Week beginning the 23rd April - Sophie Murray was chosen for,  ‘completing her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition over the Easter Holidays.’


Week beginning the 30th April - Joe Pereira was chosen for, ‘Improved attitude to learning in lessons and very impressive independent interpretation/insight when evaluating character.’


Week beginning the 7th May - Billy Galley was chosen for, ‘creating a report on adaptations and handing it in on time. He requested to present it to the class and they all encouraged him which was great. He did a really good job.’


Week beginning the 14th May - Hannah Wood was chosen for, ‘working incredibly hard in Maths and making strong consistent progression.’


Week beginning the 21st May - Thomas Heritage for, 'being a model student. Thomas is super organised and has managed the logistics of travelling to lessons well. He’s able to plan his time wisely and always completes homework to a very high level.’


Week beginning the 4th June - Riya Kapoor for, ‘persevering during a challenging exam season.’


Week beginning the 11th June - Sommer Mumby for, ‘being so helpful with the Year 7 Oracy class. She is a teacher in the making! They really enjoyed having her there.’


Week beginning the 18th June - Nisreen Adan was chosen as her,  ‘work ethic embodies the ideal student: hard working, professional, enthusiastic and resilient. I cannot say enough about how proud I am of her.’


Week beginning the 25th June - Daniel Godden was chosen, ‘as he is one of those students who always does everything right. He has a lovely manner which allows him to seamlessly get through his day. He participates and progresses with his own unique sense of humour and maturity.’


Week beginning the 2nd July - Roan Cooper was chosen for, ‘working so hard over exam season and completing all of his A-level Maths exams a year early.’


Week beginning the 9th July - Ralf Ponting was chosen for, 'being selected to complete a Nuffield Trust work experience placement at Imperial College, London, this summer in their Maths department.’


Week beginning the 16th July - Robert Hughes  was chosen for, ‘his exemplary work ethic and excellent use of his private study periods.’