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Any student nominated for Sixth Form Student of the Week will have their name mentioned in Sixth Form Assembly and will be put on both the website and on the THA Twitter account. They will also receive 10 achievement points.

2016 - 2017

Week beginning the 12th September 2016 - Thomas Maccalman - Thomas was chosen for the, ‘excellent impression made in his first English lesson, exemplifying leadership skills and valuable contributions to discussions.’

Week beginning the 19th September 2016 - Karima Ranieri - Karima was chosen for, ‘securing an ‘A’ grade in Literature.’

Week beginning the 26th September 2016 - Daniella Alessi & Ryan Godden - Daniella and Ryan were chosen for their exceptional conduct on the Year 6 Open Evening and on delivering their first few speeches as Head Girl and Boy so eloquently.’

Week beginning the 3rd October 2016 - Courtney Salisbury - Courtney was chosen for, ‘her exceptional effort and determination in A-level English Literature.’

Week beginning the 10th October 2016 - Daniella Alessi, Kye Payne, Karima Ranieri, Sonia Soumeur and Bethany Sutton - The girls were chosen for, ‘their exceptional work at Saint Mary’s Church Hall during the Flu Jab session, advertising The Harefield Academy’s Senior Citizens' Christmas High Tea and collecting 67 names and addresses of locals we could invite to the event.’

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Eliz Maloney - Eliz was chosen for, ‘representing Great Britain at the Junior Federation Cup in Budapest’.

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Hannah Wood - Hannah was chosen for, ‘her amazing analysis shown in essay writing and impressive group contributions.’

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Jessica Walsh - Jessica was chosen for, ‘her most rapid progress - due to attitude to learning.’

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Panagiota Spyrou - Panagiota was chosen for, ‘working so hard within Philosophy and making such fantastic progress with her written skills. She is enthusiastic in lessons, supportive to her peers and just generally wonderful.’

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Max Johnson - Max was chosen for, ‘being focused every lesson and showing interest in every area we are studying. He is the only student and his self-discipline in having reduced lessons is good.’

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Jarrod Criscuolo - Jarrod was chosen for, ‘working on his organisation skills and working really hard in IT.’

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Kwan-Kin Tang - Kwan-Kin Tang was chosen for, ‘his help with Year 11 and Year 12 resits so far. He is a credit to the Sixth Form and I am so grateful for his help.’

Week beginning the 17th October 2016 - Harrison Gookey - Harrison was chosen for, ‘his help with Year 11 and Year 12 resits so far. He is a credit to the Sixth Form and I am so grateful for his help.’

Week beginning the 31st October 2016 - Connor HydeConnor was chosen for his excellent attitude and the work he produced in Business Studies.

Week beginning the 7th November 2016 - Jordan Spencer - Jordan was chosen for a fantastic Year 12 report.

Week beginning the 14th November 2016 - Sarah Menghistab & Panagiota Spyrou - The girls were chosen for, 'their fantastic attitude and commitment to the Year 11 revision programme which they are helping to tutor.' 

Week beginning the 21st November 2016 - Georgia Baker, Madeline Courtney, Grace Flatman, Amy Grimshaw, Alex Lafleur, Isaac Maunder and Sam Perrett - For giving up their lunchtime to play in a charity netball match for Children in Need against The Academy's  staff.

Week beginning the 28th November 2016 - Jarrod Criscuolo - Jarrod was chosen for giving up his free time to assist Mrs Brady and doing an excellent job.

Week beginning the 5th December 2016 - Jessica Day - Jessica was chosen for her ‘superb essay progression.  She is grafting and her improved attitude is really having a great impact.’

Week beginning the 12th December 2016 - Sushma Roberts, Jessica Walsh and Lucy Wood - Were nominated for, ‘giving up their Saturday to attend the Futures Conference and being excellent ambassadors for The Academy.’

Week beginning the 19th December 2016 - Henry Procter - Henry was nominated for, ‘giving up so much of his time to tutor younger students in Maths this term.’

Week beginning the 2nd January 2017 - Maxim Goncear - Maxim was nominated for, ‘being selected to represent Moldova at an Under 17 international football tournament.’

Week beginning the 9th January 2017 - Cai Antoine - Cai was nominated for, 'producing high quality work consistently in A-level English Literature.'

Week beginning the 16th January 2017 - Callie Brown, Madeline Courtney, Jasmine Loh, Grayce-Paige Pereira and Analayah Reid - Were nominated for, ‘creating an exemplary piece of coursework for Photography A-level.’

Week beginning the 23rd January 2017 - Bailey Mulhall - Bailey was chosen for, ‘his stupendous attitude and renewed focus in completing his work and getting back on track. All his teachers are commenting on how well he is doing.’

Week beginning the 30th January 2017 - Carli Jarmaine & Georgina Miles - Carli & Georgina were chosen for ‘creating an exemplary piece of coursework for Health and Social Care A-level.’

Week beginning the 6th February 2017 - Analayah Reid & James Chappell - Analayah & James were chosen for ‘giving up their free time willingly to help lead a staff training session after school.’

Week beginning the 13th February 2017 - Cai Antoine, Alisha Miller and Panagiota Spyrou - Were chosen for ‘giving up their free time willingly to participate in the Debate Club so effectively.’

Week beginning the 20th February 2017 - Mitchell Adams - Mitchell was chosen for ‘giving up his free time willingly over Half Term to participate in a swim camp; he consistently balances his school work and sport training effectively and always has a cheerful disposition, even when he is not feeling his best.’

Week beginning the 27th February 2017 - Sarah Menghistab - Sarah was chosen for ‘attending the Brunel University Mock Trial on her own and participating in the event by making a speech as part of the trial. The member of staff at Brunel who ran the event said: “She was very brave”, and we know that this would have meant Sarah would have been very much out of her comfort zone; we are delighted with her efforts.’

Week beginning the 6th March 2017 - Courtney Salisbury - Courtney was chosen for ‘her team ethos, work ethic and positive attitude to all aspects of study in English Literature.’

Week beginning the 13th March 2017 - Panagiota Spyrou - Panagiota was chosen for, ‘giving up her free time willingly on a Saturday morning to work one-to-one with a Year 11 student on their Maths work, after the Saturday revision session had finished.’

Week beginning the 20th March 2017 - Ciaran Miles - Ciaran was chosen for ‘giving up his time willingly last Thursday to scribe for a Year 11 student (with a broken hand) who had to sit three Maths GCSE mock exams in a day.’

Week beginning the 27th March 2017 - Daniella Alessi, Jarrod Criscuolo, Emily Hook,  Lucas Kingston-Davies, Matteo Intrigila and Carl Jolly - Thery were chosen for ‘their excellent effort in the Extended Project qualification - final presentation.’

Week beginning the 17th April 2017 - Israel Awolajah & Grace Stableford - They were chosen for ‘giving up their time willingly to help a fellow Sixth Form student with their work.’

Week beginning the 26th April 2017 - Myles Morris & Daniel Tang - They were chosen for ‘working so hard on their GCSE English coursework.’

Week beginning the 1st May 2017 - James Chappell - James was chosen for ‘being selected to represent England Schools at the British Senior Schools International Table Tennis Tournament in June.’

Week beginning the 8th May 2017 - Arryon Partridge - Arryon was chosen for ‘working so hard and his dedication towards preparing for his GCSE Maths exam. Arryon’s confidence grows every day and it is a pleasure to see.’

Week beginning the 15th May 2017 - Jasmine Loh - Jasmine was chosen for ‘conscientiousness and dedication towards her A-level Photography portfolio.’

Week beginning the 22nd May 2017 - Jessica Walsh - Jessica was chosen for 'her selflessly giving up her time to practise and prepare for two performances at the Sixth Form Leavers’ Assembly; Jessica worked so hard to contribute and sang beautifully on the day. It made the event much more special.'

Week beginning the 5th June 2017 - Mitchell Adams - Mitchell was chosen for ‘qualifying for the British Swimming Nationals in the Over 18s Category.’

Week beginning the 12th June 2017 - Analayah Reid - Analayah was chosen for 'selflessly giving up her time to raise money and gather supplies for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Block fire.'