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The Sporting Excellence Programme (SEP) at The Harefield Academy provides students with opportunities to pursue their sporting aspirations whilst ensuring they achieve the highest standard of academic achievements. The SEP is open to students inside and outside our catchment area, and with our boarding house – even overseas!

The SEP is designed to support the development of young talented athletes across a variety of sports. The sports we support, some if which are hosted on site, are decided by the students' aspirations. Support comes in a variety of forms; this might be an increased training timetable, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, performance tracking, nutrition, psychology and marginal gains.

The Harefield Academy has outstanding facilities and a breadth of outstanding staff to support students educational and sporting needs. A number of staff have represented their country or played professional sport and this ensures that students receive support from a wide variety of staff, many of whom act as sports mentors.

We have a number of strong links with sporting or high performance bodies that support the SEP. We are working with the English Institute of Sport, Youth Sports Trust, London Sport, Greenhouse Sports, Watford FC and many local clubs such as Harefield Gymnastics Academy and Harefield Cricket Club. Having these links ensure that students have opportunities and pathways to continue developing their sporting talents.

For some students performing at the highest level, a bespoke timetable to meet their training needs can be implemented, increasing training time or making competition timetables easier. These are developed on a case by case basis.

Students on the programme are closely monitored by the Director of Sport, tracking and monitoring academic progress, sporting progress, competition and training schedules, as well as behavioural and emotional needs.

Providing opportunities for all our students is an integral part of their development. Educating young athletes about how to improve their performance and manage their education to achieve a balance is at the heart of the SEP.

Interested in applying?

The application process is made up of three main steps that help inform staffs decisions:

  • Application form
  • Multi-ability testing (first selection)
  • Interview (final selection)

If you are interested in applying for the Sporting Excellence Programme then please see the attachments below, which will need to be completed and emailed or posted to our Director of Sport, Mr L. Littlewood