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Welcome to Sport at The Harefield Academy 

Sport is an important part of the Curriculum at The Harefield Academy.  We value the opportunity to ensure the physical literacy and health of all our students alongside their emotional and academic development.  Students experience a range of sports through the curriculum and via our broad extracurricular offer.  We also encourage the pursuit of sporting excellence amongst those students who have the potential to compete at a high level.  Our ethos and the value placed on sport ensure that we make it a priority to enable competitive success without compromising academic potential and curriculum access.

We are very fortunate to have specialist facilities to support the physical development of students who are competing at a high level of sport.   This includes access to physiotherapy services and strength and conditioning.  The degree to which these facilities are accessed varies from one student to another dependent on their age, development and bespoke provision. 

We are proud to work closely with a number of additional sports partners including Youth Sport Trust, the Premier League, School Games Organisation and Greenhouse Sport which yield additional sporting opportunities and early access to initiatives that may not be as widely available in other state schools, such as a full time table tennis coach. 

As well as providing mentoring to students who are operating at a high level of competitive sport, we run additional assemblies and meetings and invite specialist speakers from a sports background to the Academy to help our students understand the challenges of competitive sport.