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Marie wins to prize

These past few weeks have seen students in Years 7 to 9 working hard to find out facts on countries and players in the World Cup.

In language lessons we have celebrated the diversity of so many nations and famous football stars by requesting that students create a World Cup project showing what they have learnt about other countries, players or cultures that were represented in this year's World Cup in Russia.


The projects have been completed to an overwhelmingly high standard and we wish to celebrate some of the winners:

Congratulations to Marie Cordingley, who took top prize.

Runners up included Karim Elbadry Y8, Jessie Horton Y8 and and Jonny Nevin Y8.


Thanks you to everyone who succeeded in creating beautiful posters and models for the department to encourage display!


We hope you enjoyed your prizes !

World Cup posters


World Cup posters


World Cup posters