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Parent and Carers - The Harefield Academy is closed today Friday 1st February 2019

Regrettably THA will remain closed today due to severe weather conditions. The heavy snow over night has made access to the site challenging and unsafe. Both in the local and surrounding areas access will be made riskier by the continuing snow. We need to consider both the immediate safety of the site as well as the likelihood of an adequate number of staff being able to travel safely to school to operate a normal working day. As such we will remain closed today. Please ask your children to check Class Charts where additional activities will be added in lieu of lessons for today. Years 11 and 13 should focus this time  on exam revision and preparation. We anticipate a full return to normal on Monday morning. Thank you for your support.

Please note that the boarding house is open as usual.

Tash Moriarty, Headteacher