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Headteacher’s Outstanding Achievement Inaugural Breakfast

Ms Moriarty invited over 90 students from Year 7 to Year 10 who have received in excess of 500 individual Achievement points over the year to a special Breakfast event on Thursday morning to acknowledge this outstanding milestone. This is an exceptionally high number of points to accrue in a year demonstrating consistently positive attitudes to learning and a great sense of self regulation.  These students represent a very wide range of abilities and talents indicating how successful our students can be regardless of their personal start points. At the breakfast the students were presented with a certificate and were invited to each write down some of their biggest achievements from the year. 

HT breakfast

I am sure you will appreciate what a task this is to try and narrow down, especially when some of our students had achieved well over 800 positive achievement points!  Here is a selection of some of their responses.  We are so proud of our incredible students. (Further images to follow shortly.)

“I think my biggest achievement so far is going to this school and making good friends. Not only that I have a THA Value (Inspirational) I am very grateful coming to this successful school.”

“I beat my last year’s score.”

“I am proud of my achievements and am also proud for pushing myself forwards.”

“Not giving up on sports day.”

“Being Student of the Year for Year 8.”

“My biggest achievement was resilience and good behaviour. I worked really hard.”

“I have worked really hard and it’s got me here so I am proud of myself.”

“I have worked hard in all my lessons.”

“My biggest achievement is making new friends and getting over 600 merits.”

“My biggest achievement is my art work because it’s improved so much with Mr Jonas’s help.”

“I think the biggest thing I have achieved is when I earned a THA Value badge.”

“Won 800m. Won 100m. Sports day. One question wrong in French exam.”

“Coming second on Sports day.”

“I think my biggest achievement is going up levels in my subjects.”

“Earning my first Harefield Value!”

“Over 700 merits again.”

“I won high jump on sports day.”

“I won my 400m race on sports day.”

“I achieved over 500 merits and trying my hardest in every subject and also trying my hardest on sports day.”

“I am most proud of earning the star award of honesty.”

“I am proud of being myself.”

“Being satisfied with the scores I got on my end of year tests.”

“Doing well on my maths exam.”

“Doing well on my business exam.”

“Performing ‘The Greatest Showman…Reimagined’, twice!”

“This year I have achieved working hard and becoming a bit confident, and coming into school.”

“This year I have worked hard and achieved everything I wanted to. Also have achieved coming here today.”

“I am proud of getting grade 9 in my Geography mock.”

“I am proud of getting a diploma.”