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Careers Workshops at THA!

Thursday 3rd October  

We have had a fantastic workshop delivered by The London Fashion Academy, for all our Year 10s. The students had the opportunity to discuss different brands and clothing and also looking at the extensive chain of events that occur before clothing arrives in a clothes shop.

Students engaged with having in-depth discussions about advertising and a variety of different jobs that involve fashion. Our business students were able to go even further and use their knowledge from their business lessons by asking great questions to LFA representatives.  An engaging and well received workshop for our students.


Wednesday 2nd October

We had David Brewer (the Head of Engagement for East and North Hertfordshire) visit the Academy to discuss with our Year 9s the wide range of jobs the NHS cover, other than Doctors and Nurses. He had engaging videos  to share and in-depth careers knowledge to discuss with our students. Another really beneficial workshop for our Year 9’s who shared excellent feedback with staff.


Box Clever Tour – Monday 7th October

THA had a wonderful theatre group visit to perform a production called Sweet, the sequel to The Hate Play. They delivered an important anti-bullying messages to our Year 9 and 10 cohort. The production lasted 75 minutes and students were captivated from start to finish. A quote from one Year 10 student: ‘‘That was one of the best productions I have seen, it really made me think about how others feel.’’