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Years 11 and 13 Dance Workshop with Mel Simpson

On Monday 28th October we welcomed Mel Simpson into The Academy to lead two Dance workshops.  In the morning, Mel led a Contemporary dance workshop for the A level students based on the struggle of immigrants when undergoing their journey from their homeland to their intended destination and the various risks that could entail. The students worked extremely hard to create an emotive and extremely physically demanding piece which will form a large part of their examination quartet performance later in the year. 

In the afternoon, the workshop for Year 11 students developed in to a trio performance.  The students were taught some key contemporary phrases that they developed using their own choreographic ideas around the stimulus of war.


Dance workshop
Contemporary Dance Workshop with Mel Simpson


A fantastic day, that really inspired and motivated the students for their up and coming practical performance exams.


Nicky Williams - Assistant Headteacher/Dance teacher