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Dance GCSE – Mialara Coleman, Alida Bogdanova and Molly Mackensie

On the evening of the 6th July, The Harefield Academy witnessed a Variety performance act filled with extraordinary talents and a wide range of dramatic genres that really triggered the audience’s perspective on historical events.

Not only was the evening complimented by the unity of students and parents within the school community, but it also represented a variety of skills that prominently left the audience impressed. The night explored a world of drama that highlighted important events regarding anti-Semitism in the World War Two period as well as racial inequality, using Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King as central examples. Not only did this act provoke emotion within the audience but it also positioned them to think about the lives of those oppressed and how, regardless of learning from History, oppression is still a concurrent issue today.

Music was heard through diverse forms, ranging from choir singing, that helped accentuate the beauty of sound in congruence to the atmosphere, to orchestra and solo performances that contributed greatly to the audience’s inner emotions. Thus, street dancing beautifully contrasted that of the contemporary performances. In fact, one of the contemporary dances was choreographed by Year 13 students which shows their extent of creativity and professional attributes. The effort the dancers put into their work was undoubtedly evident throughout their performance.

Overall, the night exemplified the way in which The Harefield Academy students came together as one yet expressed themselves in different ways. It was most definitely a spectacular night that has left the school community wanting more!

Report by Year 12 student - Karima Ranieri