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Happy chicks in their designer coop!


During Chick week, week commencing 18th April 2017, our KS3 students were taught about the life cycle of chickens.

We also had 5 fertilised eggs in the Science Prep room, kept in an incubator. During the first week, some eggs hatched and by the time we were in the second week, all the 5 eggs hatched and now we have 5 cute and cheeky chicks in our Science Prep room.

We ran a competition for our students where they were asked to design a Chicken Coop for our newly hatched chicks and we got some very interesting and eye catching entries, evident from our students' hard work and dedication.  Our students really enjoyed learning about a chicken and asked many interesting questions. They also got an opportunity to hold the chicks and even received a friendly peck or two!

Report: Science Department