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Our aspiration is that all THA learners are driven, ambitious and self-motivated; that they are supported in fulfilling their potential in order to enhance future life chances and develop into well-rounded, honest, articulate human beings who make a valued contribution to society. In order to support this aspiration, our ethos at The Harefield Academy is one of mutual respect and kindness within the school community and beyond; it is a school where every child matters and is valued; where diversity is embraced and where high expectations of attitude, effort and exemplary behaviour are the norm. 

Our relentless promotion of positive attitudes to learning is underpinned by a collective drive to embed our agreed values:











Students’ positive attitudes to learning are rewarded through our Behaviour for Learning policy which can be found here, in accordance with the expectations communicated via our Ladder of Consequence which can be found here and Home School Agreement found here. All staff are encouraged to promote positivity through application of this policy and the vast menu of rewards, to ensure that students are in receipt of recognition for their excellent attitudes to learning and personal conduct.  Upon instances where attitudes to learning or social conduct do not meet expectations, our policy outlines clear referral routes and interventions to support students in restoring positive attitudes and behaviours.

As a result of our relentlessly high expectations, THA learners display the following attitudes to learning:

  • They are motivated and have positive attitudes towards their learning.
  • They are committed to their learning.
  • They know how to study effectively and do so.
  • They are resilient to set backs.
  • They take pride in their achievements.