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About Lord Adonis House

“Boarders have positive experiences of boarding. They told inspectors that they enjoyed boarding and were happy at the boarding house. Boarders typically commented: ‘I could not be in a better place. I have the support I need and my own space.’ “- Ofsted 2018

       Our Aims:

  • To provide an outstanding boarding experience.
  • To offer an abundance of social, cultural and sporting activities.
  • To raise academic aspirations.
  • To prepare students for life after school.
  • To promote independence.
  • To create an environment for all boarders to become strong and active citizens.

    Lord Adonis House is a home that is passionate about enriching the lives of its boarders. We have a passion for pastoral care and well-being to ensure that all of our boarders know that the guidance and sustenance we provide are the base to creating a happier, successful and secure future.

    Our Student Voice enables us to acquire the views and choices of all boarders and it gives our boarders the opportunity to have their say. Whether it is a trip, activity or something for the house, all voices are heard to help us create the best living environment we can achieve for our boarders. Our trips and activities are chosen to create new and interesting opportunities, independence for the future and a cultural appreciation for the delights that Britain has to offer.

    Most of our boarders move on to university or apprenticeships all around the country and the life skills obtained in Lord Adonis House help them to be independent and create an appreciation for living life without guidance. The great communication between The Academy and Lord Adonis House provides the boarders with superb academic and social progress to give them the foundation for an amazing future.

    “The boarding house has been my home for five years. It has helped me grow and created better potential for my future. It has also given me the opportunity to apply for university and provided independence to prepare for my upcoming further education.” – Calvin 6th form (Lord Adonis House 2014-2019)

    “Lord Adonis house has welcomed me and my family since the start of my placement in boarding. I am very pleased that the staff have been very generous and kind to me. I’ve been here for three years and I feel really supported with everything. They have also given me the opportunity to make new friends and develop my skills as a person and football player” – Ignacio Year 9 (Lord Adonis House 2016-2019)

    Link to - Ofsted Report