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Consultation regarding The Harefield Academy's Proposal to remove its Boarding Provision - PLEASE NOTE THIS CONSULTATION HAS NOW ENDED 31.01.2020


The Harefield Academy wishes to cease provision of a state boarding facility from 31/07/2020. As this is deemed a ‘significant change’ in provision and as such, in line with DfE requirements, there is a need to consult with key stakeholders over this process for a minimum period of 4 weeks. Since our stakeholders for this include overseas students, we are extending the consultation to a 5 week period, excluding the Christmas holiday period.


ADDENDUM:  In keeping with Local Authority Admissions guidance, the close date of the consultation regarding The Harefield Academy’s proposal to remove the Boarding provision (and corresponding deletion of all references to the Boarding provision from the Academy’s published Admission Arrangements) has been changed to 31st January 2020.  Please note that the duration of the consultation remains to meet statutory guidance and extends beyond the number of weeks required for consultation. 


Full details of the Consultation can be found here.

Letter to Parents/Carers of the current boarders can be found here.

Proposed changes to THA Admissions Policy can be found here.