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The Harefield Academy Numeracy Strategy


Our aims:

  • To focus on learning and how numeracy is used as a tool for teaching and progression in every lesson and across the curriculum
  • To create opportunities to develop and enhance numeracy and its use within all curriculum areas
  • To support all teachers to develop their own deeper understanding of how to enhance the numeracy skills of students, assess with confidence and develop learning opportunities as a result of improved numeracy skills
  • To review assessment policy and practice for the whole school, across year groups and for individual subject areas or departments where formative assessment of numeracy are integral to learning
  • To ensure teachers embed numeracy effectively across the curriculum, equipping all students with the necessary skills to make progress within the relevant subject area that may involve numeracy.

We adhere to the following principles:

  • Numeracy skills supports learning and progress in many subject areas
  • Numeracy is a skill that all students require for an effective working life
  • Numeracy should be supported by all teachers.

We are striving to ensure students can:

  • Effectively link their numerical skills to multiple curriculum areas
  • Adapt their methods to suit the topic at hand
  • Become confident to use their numeracy skills.

Teachers will:

  • Model high standards of numeracy in their own teaching area when required
  • Explore and embed common numeracy skills that students have and develop this to a proficient level
  • Ensure that students engage in cross curricular use of numeracy
  • Teach students how to link numeracy skills within their subject area
  • Plan lessons which make good use of opportunities to develop students’ numeracy skills.