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Post 16 Dress Code  

It is a sixth form privilege not to wear school uniform. The school expects that you will dress suitably and avoid extremes of fashion. Many outsiders judge the school by the appearance of its sixth formers and younger students look to the sixth form students as role models.  

The intention of the Sixth Form dress code is to dress as if they were working in a smart office environment. 

The dress code is reviewed annually and the following has been agreed for the academic year 2022-2023.  


● Shirt with collar and tie - no polo shirts  

● Tailored trousers, chinos. (grey, black, beige) No jeans, combats, leggings, tracksuit bottoms or shorts  

● Smart leather shoes (black, brown) shoes . Trainers, canvas pumps, heavy boots and flip-flops are not allowed.  


● Blouse, shirt or smart top – tops that expose the abdomen or reveal cleavage are unacceptable, as are strapless, strappy tops, backless or baggy tops with logos.  

● Tailored trousers, knee-length skirt or dress. Skirts / dresses must not be too figure hugging or not have slits of more than two inches. No jeans, combats, tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Leggings may only be worn with a dress or skirt.  

● Smart leather shoes (black, brown). Shoes (should not have a stiletto heel). Trainers, canvas pumps, heavy boots and flip-flops are not allowed. All  

● Suit or smart jacket (optional)  

● Jumper or cardigan (optional) Banned items:  

● Hoodies  

● T-shirts  

● Denim  

● Hair-dye (no unnatural colours)  

● Excessive make-up  

● Coats and casual jackets may not be worn inside the building  

Most jewellery is considered acceptable, for sixth-formers, with the exception of tongue or facial piercings. However, students may be required to remove items if an excessive amount of jewellery is worn. Nails may be painted but impractical long false nails are not acceptable. On formal occasions where you are representing the school you will be required to wear a smart suit or formal attire. Examples of this would be major school events, awards evenings or showing visitors around the school. 

Wealdstone Football Academy students are expected to follow the above dress code or they can wear clean Wealdstone Football Academy training kit only. 

These requirements are not exhaustive in defining acceptable and unacceptable standards of dress and appearance and students should consult with the Director of Sixth Form in advance of wearing any item of which they are unsure. 

Students will be asked to remove any items which are not deemed acceptable dress; where this is not possible students will be sent to the Director of Sixth Form who will send them home to change. If plausible, they will then be expected to return to the school for the remainder of the school day. Students will be expected to make up the time lost in school for this.