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Pupil Premium Grant Statement - The Harefield Academy

The Harefield Academy is an Inclusive school with a culture of high expectations for progress of all of our students irrespective of academic or social disadvantage. We seek to provide an educational experience that is high quality, enjoyable and inclusive for all. Pupil Premium students are well supported with all staff ensuring that they are provided with the same opportunities and experiences as their non-PP peers in every respect.  Where such opportunities are likely to be limited in the absence of educational or financial support, funding is effectively utilised to ensure parity of provision.

Data is used effectively to ensure teachers are aware of the needs of all individuals in their classrooms; high quality CPD raises awareness of potential vulnerabilities amongst the Pupil Premium cohort and effective strategies for closing achievement gaps are deployed and continuously monitored for impact. We focus keenly on the importance of high quality lesson planning and delivery coupled with robust assessment and feedback to raise aspiration and effect rapid and sustained progress for all.

2017-2018 Outcomes and Evaluation of impact statement

2018-2019 Action Plan to support disadvantaged students