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Remote Learning at THA

Remote learning during a period of isolation:

If your child is absent from school in self-isolation due to Covid 19, staff at The Academy will be setting work to complete and this can be accessed through Google Classroom, our virtual learning platform. Both Google Classroom and Google Meet can be accessed through an app on your laptop, computer and smart phone.

The work will be set daily and students should complete work daily for the subjects that they would have been taught on that day.  It is important that the work is completed and returned via Google Classroom. Homework will be additionally set using Class Charts.

Please find below a handy guide to using Google Classroom for all students.

Students are not expected to complete work if they are feeling unwell due to symptoms of Covid, though like all absences Students do need to ensure that they catch up on work missed once they feel better.

Students must also consider their own wellbeing and understand that being away from friends and social interaction can have a negative impact.  Try to moderate screen time and include fresh air and exercise into your daily routine.

Remote learning during a lockdown of a class/year group or local lockdown:

Should there be a period of local lockdown or lockdown of a bubble/class remote education will be implemented using Google Meet to ensure that high quality learning remains high priority and that students are supported at home during this period.  Lessons will follow the traditional timetable but be slightly reduced in length to support set up and preparation (see below).   Homework will be set as normal as per our Homework policy.

Key Stage

Original lesson time

Google meet lesson time

Key Stage 3

Year 7 - 9


8.25 -8.55


9.10 -09.40


10.15 -10.45


11.00 -11.30

12.00 -12.45

12.10 -12.40


12.55 -13.25

Key Stage 4 – 5

Year 10 - 13










13.10 -13.40


13.55 -14.25

When using the Google Meet platform, it is essential that students following the below instructions.

If your teacher is going to use Google Meet for a scheduled lesson on your timetable, they will send you a link via Google Classroom. To join the lesson, tap on the link and if you have the app installed it will take you to the app (otherwise it will load the lesson in the browser).

Key things to remember when joining a Google Meet:

  1. Only join the Meet at lesson time promptly and make sure you leave at the end.
  2. Before tapping ‘Join now’ make sure your video and audio are turned off.
  3. Your Video must remain switched off for the whole lesson.
  4. To join the lesson tap ‘join now’ instead of ‘present’.
  5. Only use the chat function if you are asked to do so.
  6. Only unmute your audio if you are asked to do so.

Please see below the Virtual Code of Conduct with regards to using Google Meet.

Top tips to support remote learning



Take an active interest in your child’s work

Treat remote learning the same as classroom learning – don’t get distracted!!

Establish a clear daily routine

Communicate with your teacher through your school email to their email if you need further support or guidance (do not use your personal email)

Encourage screen breaks away from devices

Take regular screen breaks and daily exercise breaks in your assigned break times.

Monitor your child’s wellbeing

Look after your mental health and wellbeing

Implement safety controls and privacy restrictions on apps and software

Don’t share passwords or other sensitive information

Additional resources

If you run out of things to do…..

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