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Remote Learning at THA

Remote learning during a period of isolation:

Information in this section: 

Timetable of Google Meet Lessons

How to join a Google Meet:

Top tips to support remote learning

Advice to support remote learning

Support with accessing technology

Additional resources

Online Safety COVID-19 Addendum

Over the period of school closure, or when students need to isolate due to Covid-19  our remote learning will take place via Google Classroom.    Students will need to be able to access this from their phones, tablets or a laptop.  Google Classroom can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.  A full student guide to using Google Classroom can be found here.    Should you not have computer access please contact your child’s Student Manager.

Students are also be able to access their timetables on Class Charts.    If there is a school or year group closure, lessons will be taught via Google Meet.  Where students are isolating work will be set via Google Classroom.

How to join a Google Meet:

The students will join the Google Meet lesson from the link on the Google Classroom, for that particular class. They will see all of their classes on their Google Classroom homepage.  To protect students and staff we have rules in place to ensure safeguarding is prioritised. Should the code of conduct for virtual learning not be followed then this will be sanctioned according to the Ladder of Consequence.  We will be rewarding students for positive remote learning via Class Charts. 

When students join a Google Meet lesson, they must ensure that:

  1. They join the meet at lesson time promptly and leave at the end. 
  2. Before tapping ‘Join now’ make sure video and audio are turned off 
  3. Video must remain switched off for the whole lesson. 
  4. To join the lesson tap ‘join now’ instead of ‘present’. 
  5. Engage with the opportunity to use the ‘chat box’ function to ask a question about their work, or to make a contribution.
  6. Only unmute audio if asked to do so.  To ask permission to unmute to ask a question, or make a contribution, students can press the ‘raise hand’ button and wait for permission from their teacher to unmute.

You can see here the details of our:

  • Virtual Code of Conduct 
  • Google Classroom guide

Students have received training in school to access their Google account.  However, should your child need further support with logging on to their Google account and the password needs resetting please contact your child’s Student Manager who can facilitate this.

Top tips to support remote learning

A range of devices can be used to access Google Classroom, including SMART phones, tablets and Playstation/X Box consoles, in addition to laptop and desktop computers.

How to access on line learning via Playstation or Xbox devicesClick here

Many devices enable you to upload work from apps that you may already have.  How to scan documents using your iPhone. Click here.

Using split screen on a Chromebook. Click here.

Editing a pdf document click here

Quick access to GCSEpod here

Don’t worry if you do not have a printer to attach worksheets, or resources.  Instead, you can open the document as a Google Document and complete it.  It will automatically save to your Google Drive and from there you can submit it to your class teacher via the assignment on Google Classroom. 

Teachers will set assignments on Google Classroom, where clear instructions will be provided.  Students will be given information on the deadline for submitting these assignments.  There is no obligation for students to submit other evidence of work completed at home, unless this is something that they would like to share with their teacher. 

There are a number of ways that students can record responses and notes taken during Google Meet lessons and it is fine for students to select a way of working that best fits their learning style and/or the equipment that is available to them.  For example, some students may make notes on a word document on a tab that they keep open during their Google Meet and others may prefer to make notes in their books, or on paper.

If you forget your password, or still have difficulties in accessing Google Classroom or Google Meet lessons, please contact your child’s Student Manager who can talk you through this.

Advice to support remote learning



Take an active interest in your child’s work

Treat remote learning the same as classroom learning – don’t get distracted!!

Establish a clear daily routine

Communicate with your teacher through your school email to their email if you need further support or guidance (do not use your personal email)

Encourage screen breaks away from devices

Take regular screen breaks and daily exercise breaks in your assigned break times.

Monitor your child’s wellbeing

Look after your mental health and wellbeing

Implement safety controls and privacy restrictions on apps and software

Don’t share passwords or other sensitive information

Support with accessing technology:

Requesting the school to apply for free Data where you have no fixed broadband in the house. Complete the form from this link:  

Requesting provision of a laptop or wifi router (no access to broadband in the house). Complete the form via this link:

Additional resources

BBC Bitesize -

The National Academy –

Seneca -

GCSE Pod  (KS4 students only)

  1. THA Student G Suite Guide
  2. THA Students Virtual Code of Conduct