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Our Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

All of our Sixth Form students are encouraged to involve themselves in both The Academy and the local community. We ask all of our Sixth Form students to complete one hour of assistance a week to a member of staff, student or group of students, as part of our Student Support Programme (SSP). They are also asked to volunteer to help with local Academy and community events to develop their leadership skills. All Sixth Formers are encouraged to develop their transferable skills through volunteering. This experience will help to build their CVs and UCAS applications, ready for their life after Sixth Form.

Student executive team: Daniel N'Somi, Justin Travasso, Marie Cordingley, Tommy Petch, Remmy Kitumba 

Roles and responsibilities:

Marie C- Community To lead STAR’s and be a role model for our younger student leaders. To work on creating a shared community ethos between KS3-5

Remmy K- Inclusion and Diversity – To lead on whole school inclusion and diversity. To work on supporting younger students creating, growing and maintaining positive relationships with their peers. To support the promotion of diversity through pastoral activities.

Daniel N- Attitudes to Learning – To lead on whole school positive attitudes to learning (focus on KS3/4). Mentoring and working with the KS3 / 4 team to build resilient learners who feel supported in their personal learning journeys.

Justin T- Post 16 Attitudes to Learning – To lead on post 16 self-improvement and positive attitudes to failure. Working with his peers to provide support, guidance and a clear route to support self-regulation.

Tommy P- Inspiration- To be an active member of STAR’s and support the growing of the next generation of school leaders. To take a lead on pastoral interventions and support to promote success, particularly with KS4 students

Sixth form leaders: Jessie Horton, Lily Reidy, Aeiman Azimi, Holly Allday, Jez L, Louis B