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Teaching and Learning at The Harefield Academy (website overview)

Quality first teaching is the driving force behind curriculum planning, behaviour for learning and student outcomes at The Harefield Academy.  In our drive towards ensuring that all students reach their full potential, we train staff to ensure that the ‘daily diet’  for our students is consistently good or better across all lessons and all key stages.  The learning ethos at The Harefield Academy embodies a ‘we can’ attitude so that students are consistently made aware of our relentlessly high expectations of their learning and therefore show resilience and independence in tackling the challenging tasks and targets that we set. Our clear and consistent learning routines reinforce the expectation of students’ attitudes to learning and high aspirations.  Driving standards in Teaching and Learning is our core business; students and staff alike are leaders of learning at The Harefield Academy.

Quality teaching and learning enables our students to have frequent opportunities to become successful.  We take into consideration the starting point and individual needs of all students when planning for inclusive quality first teaching.  In addition to this, we set aspirational targets for our students and take responsibility for helping them to meet these through our design of personalised resources and tasks.  All Academy students will receive personalised feedback from each of their teachers, so that they have clear individual next steps for further progress.‚Äč