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Teaching and Learning at The Harefield Academy

Quality first teaching is the driving force behind our curriculum planning, behaviour for learning and students’ academic outcomes at The Harefield Academy. Through a broad and well-designed curriculum we aim to remove any barriers in learning so that teachers are able to close the gaps in learning, tackle misconceptions that students may have and ensure that every student reaches their full potential, excellent outcomes and given every opportunity to move onto their next step.

A high priority within curriculum planning and students learning is to introduce core concepts and skills within all subject areas and revisit these concepts to build links to their prior learning. The sequence of lessons and learning are carefully considered to ensure that students can retrieve information that have been previously taught, thus embedding their knowledge into their long-term memory. Teachers frequently check student’s knowledge and understanding through a range of teaching methods including quizzes, personalised questioning, knowledge and graphic organisers, flash cards and tests. 

Teachers use various forms of assessment including both written and verbal form.  These are punctuated throughout lessons and the Key Stage to allow teachers to accurately monitor students understanding and engagement. Students are made aware of how to succeed through sharing of clear success criteria and will receive clear and personalised feedback.  Twice half termly teachers will deep mark students work where students will receive individual feedback, clear targets for development and opportunities for further reflection and improve their work. Throughout lessons students will have the  opportunity to self and peer assess their own and others work from a predetermined learning intention and marks scheme which will further reinforce learning and identification of strengths and developments.

High quality teaching and learning enables our students to have frequent opportunities to become successful at every Key Stage throughout their learning journey. We carefully consider the starting point and individual needs of all our students when planning for an inclusive and challenging curriculum. We ensure that with in lessons we adapt our teaching and provision to ensure that all learners are equipped to achieve through differentiated and scaffolded support and high level of challenge.

To ensure we maintain high expectations of all students and to ensure all lessons maintain consistent learning routines we have developed clear guidance and non-negotiables for teachers to ensure learners receive a consistent and high quality learning experience and lead to all students making exceptional progress.  At the Academy we regularly monitor provision that is provided for our students through termly reviews of teaching within lessons and provide a significant programme of staff professional development to support and develop the learner experience at the Academy.