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COVID-19 Safe Interim Uniform Adjustments 2020/21

Whilst we are broadly returning to or regular uniform in the Autumn, there will be some relaxations on expectations to enable frequent washing of clothes to minimise viral transmission via this source.  Students are not required to wear a blazer in school or travelling to and from school.  In addition, with ease and frequency of laundering in mind, we would encourage the use of polo shirts. Where white shirts are worn there will be no requirement to wear the tie.

Students will be required to wear face coverings in all indoor communal areas (unless there is a medical reason why they cannot be worn) from Monday 19th October.  Face coverings will not need to be worn in lessons, due to the adverse impact on learning.  We would also like to make clear that there will not be an expectation for face coverings to be worn in outside communal areas.

Academy staff will proactively reinforce and model  good habits in the use of face coverings and we request that correct face coverings use is also reinforced at home - with an emphasis on not wearing the face covering hanging below the nose or mouth and carefully removing face coverings using the ear straps whilst avoiding touching the face at all times. There will be limitations on style/colours and we request that face coverings need to be either surgical style (disposal) or plain coloured - black, white, or grey - with no patterns, motifs, or writing.   We would like to thank parent/carers for your support with these adjustments and pastoral health and safety considerations.

Students who do not come equipped to school with a face covering will have one provided by a Student Manager and a 20p charge for this will be added on to their Parent Pay account.

As you will appreciate, plans are subject to review and change, as per time frames and directives that are not always in our control.  Therefore, we will be operating a 3 week cycle of review for adjustments that include uniform decisions relating to blazers and ties in particular.  We will ensure that parent/carers are supported with reasonable due notice of any such changes.


THA polo shirt        

THA jumper

THA polo shirt or white shirt, with the additional option of THA pink blouse

Black school trousers

THA wine pleated skirt or trousers

Whilst ties and blazers are not currently a compulsory part of the school uniform, they are available to purchase if parent/carers wish to do so. 

The Harefield Academy uniform is only available from Pullens or via

PE Uniform

The Harefield Academy navy shorts

The Harefield Academy navy polo shirt           

The Harefield Academy Tracksuit bottoms - optional  

The Harefield Academy ¼ Zip Tracksuit top - optional             

The Harefield Academy Sports Jacket – optional

Navy football socks - optional

Plain black Sports leggings – optional

Trainers must be worn for all PE lessons


Black formal leather or leather type school shoes are allowed. Coloured stitching or laces are not permitted. Boots, trainers and canvas shoes are not acceptable as school shoes and must not be worn.


To be fully prepared for learning, all students should carry the following in a suitable bag: Reading book                                                                    

Pencil case

Calculator (scientific)

Maths set

Pens (including red pen for student feedback)



Pencil sharpener


Face covering

A charge of 20p will be added to Parent Pay for those students who require equipment as per our COVID-19 Safe Interim Uniform Adjustments.

Additional information

  • Jewellery must be inside clothing so that it cannot be seen. Only one pair of small, plain, stud earrings is allowed - no hoops of any size. No facial piercings are allowed. During PE lessons there should be no jewellery worn at all.
  • If students arrive to The Academy in inappropriate footwear, regardless of reason, they will undertake their learning in RRR, or with a senior member of staff, and parents will be contacted to bring suitable footwear to school for them. They will no longer be provided with alternative footwear for the day.
  • Only natural or black, plain sensible tights and white or black, plain socks are permitted.
  • Skirts must be worn at an acceptable length and not rolled up - if this rule is not followed the student will be required to wear trousers.
  • No coloured t-shirts are to be visible under shirts.
  • Excessive make-up is not acceptable. Students wearing too much make up will be sent to Student Services so that it can be removed.  No false eyelashes, minimal eye liner, no lipstick or eye shadow. No false nails, tips or coloured nail varnish.
  • No extreme colours or patterns shaved into hair will be acceptable.
  • Bags should be big enough to fit an A4 size folder.


Your child will be given a lanyard and plastic wallet, in which they can keep their timetable for ease of reference.  Students will receive these in their first week of school.  Students are expected to have the lanyard ribbon and plastic wallet and any replacements can be sourced from Student Services at Reception for £2.