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Private Lessons  - are available for groups or as 1-1 tuition, please pick up a letter from the Music department to apply. Students rent or buy an instrument, or in the case of keyboards can use within the department.

Students rent or buy an instrument, or in the case of keyboards can use within the Department

Lesson times are on the Music department noticeboard in the practice room corridor, and students should note down their rolling times into their planners, to ensure they arrive on time and with their instrument. Once an initial training period has been completed, students will enrol for examinations, which are available thrice-yearly.

If you would prefer after school lessons, these are available as group or 1-1 tuition after school Monday-Thursday from 16:00pm-21:00pm or Saturday's 09:00am-12:00pm.

Adult lessons are also available to the community, seperate from student lessons. These cover audition preparation, refresher courses or beginner instumental and singing lessons.

Please see for evening and weekend class times.

Concerts - a concert for all private lesson students will take place at the end of the autumn term, to enable parents to note progress in lessons, and enjoy listening to their performances which are recorded as coursework.

Competitions - students are entered for competitions and festivals including the West London Piano Festival, Ealing Festival, Ruislip and Northwood, Watford and Hounslow Festivals.

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