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Our Values:

H onesty Student value
A spiration Student value
R espect Olympic value
E xcellence Olympic value
F riendship Olympic value
I nspiration Paralympic value
E quality Paralympic value
L eadership Student value
D etermination Paralympic value

School vision

  • Our purpose is to provide all students with the highest quality education through the delivery of an outstanding, well-balanced and creative curriculum in a supportive, safe and caring environment. 
  • Our aspiration is that all children are driven,  ambitious and self-motivated; that they are supported in fulfilling their potential in order to enhance future life chances and develop into well-rounded, honest, articulate human beings who make a valued contribution to society.
  • Our ethos is one of mutual respect and kindness within the school community and beyond; it is a school where every child matters and is valued; where diversity is embraced and where high expectations, hard work and exemplary behaviour are the norm.
  • Our aim is to create an Educational Centre of Excellence for the whole community that is successful, innovative, cohesive, energetic, healthy, inclusive and filled with opportunity.

Strategic Intent

  1. To have high expectations of all students  and to facilitate all in making exceptional progress  through outstanding teaching, learning and assessment.
  2. To remove barriers to learning, close attainment gaps and provide opportunities for all students to achieve excellence.
  3. To develop resilience, integrity,  ambition and a “can-do” attitude in all members of the organisation.
  4. To deliver a challenging and creative curriculum which is inspiring, nurturing and appropriate for all students, underpinned by an effective approach to SMSC development which promotes tolerance and respect for people of other faiths, cultures and lifestyles in modern Britain.
  5. To provide an outstanding Sixth Form curriculum which will equip students with the knowledge, skills and outcomes to be successful at higher education or the world of work.
  6. To provide world-class resources and facilities which prepare students for life in a technological society.
  7. To have a clear moral purpose which supports an environment free from prejudice, bullying or derogatory behaviour, that welcomes and celebrates diversity and encourages kindness and honesty.
  8. To ensure students conduct themselves in an exemplary manner at all times and that all members of the school community protect its reputation.
  9. To provide a safe, caring and supportive environment  which fosters and celebrates achievement and exudes energy, enthusiasm and vitality.
  10. To ensure that staff are supported  with the highest quality professional development and that shared planning and effective communication are routinely encouraged.
  11. To provide outstanding leadership, which ensures effective succession planning, ongoing self evaluation and improvement and financial sustainability.
  12. To collaborate effectively and meaningfully with the governing body, welcoming  continual challenge and support.
  13. To work in partnership with parents/carers, local schools, groups and residents to ensure The Academy is a positive focal point bringing the wider community together.