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Our current Year 9 students will begin their Key Stage 4 programme of study (GCSE and equivalent courses) from May 2022, the half term before they enter Year 10. The transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 is an important event in every child’s education involving decisions regarding their curriculum and which subjects they wish to continue studying. Your child will be making these important choices in January.

The process will be outlined to parents/carers at the Year 9 Options event on the 26th January 2022. There will be a talk on the process in the Theatre at 17:00 following which students and parents will have an opportunity to speak with subject teachers. All students need to choose one subject from History, Geography, or a Language. Should any student wish to choose two or more of these subjects they are then able to do this as part of their free option choices.

All students need to select three option subjects that they will follow; option choices should be chosen in order of preference numbered 1 – 3 with 1 being the option that they would like to do the most. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all students will be able to do all three of their choices as it may not timetable effectively. All subjects will only run if we have sufficient numbers opting for the course. We will select the option blocks once the students have chosen their subject so that we can accommodate student wishes as far as possible. As such all students need to choose two reserve choices.

Please write reserve 1 and reserve 2 for the options that your child will pick if an option is not available. Please take time to read the Curriculum Course Guide below and discuss your child’s desired options. The guide contains explanations about GCSEs and vocational qualifications as well as specific subject requirements for Key Stage 4.

Decisions regarding the option choices needs to be finalised by 18th February 2022 and we would ask that all forms be returned to the Academy reception for collation.

Should you require any further information in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at

Options Courses Form